Envelope Styles, Information, Pricing:

There is nothing like opening your mailbox to find your name beautifully scripted on an envelope! 26 Letters is all about individually lettered mail and wants to make  your event invitation POP with beauty amongst all of the bills and junk mail! Browse through my styles and let me know what stands out the most to you. Feel free to mix and match--I love exploring different fonts and colors! 

Send me a message through the "contact” link at the top to tell me about your project or event. Below is a short break down of my pricing, but send me a message and I'll get back to you with an exact price quote as soon as possible!

*Envelopes: $2.75 per outer envelope + $1 per inner envelope

*Table Numbers: $5 each

*Escort Cards: $2 each

*For ink color other than black, add $0.25 to each item

*For dark envelopes/paper, add $0.50 to each item

*For a custom ink color, add $25 fee

*All envelopes and paper products must be provided by the client. Guest list must be provided in Google Sheet or PDF format with salutations, names, and addresses written as it will appear on the envelope. Please plan to include 15% extra for corrections and additions.